Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tiffany's family portrait

In June I got a request from a girl I went to high school with.  She has seen some of the pieces that I have done for other people, and knew her living room needed one!

She sent me pictures and wrote me a description of her family that cracked me up.  This was her request....

We are Cardinal's fans. Baseball consumes life in our house, it is something that maybe we need therapy for because it can't be healthy. Kerigan is a princess, and she is spoiled like one, but she isn't scared of mud, or frogs, in fact, she likes to play with both in our backyard.. in her underpants (maybe we need therapy for that too). Willow is a slobbery-beast. She is a big, big dog. She weighs about 150 lbs. She is a big baby though, and she wants to always be hugged, and loved, and I think she is unaware of how big she is. Seth is surprisingly similar to the dog actually, he is big but he too is a big baby.. and a slobbery-beast, HAHA! 

 How can you not crack a smile at that!?  The part about Seth made me laugh out loud.  
I live with Zac the smelly man, so I get it :)

This is Tiffany and Seth

Miss Kerigan

And the slobbery beast Willow

Isn't she cute?  Makes me want one!

In the end, they all made it on the canvas....with Willow bigger than Kerigan as that only seemed appropriate....and they all made it into Cardinals gear.  

Tiffany's shirt does have a bird painted on it, as does Kerigan's but I Keri's is just the top of the emblem...and Tiffany's doesn't show up well with the glare.  But I promise, it's there.  

Ya know what's worse than crappy pictures on my sending crappy pictures to my clients using my cell phone.  But that's just what I did.  Luckily, even my weak Samsung low-megapixel picture was enough to ok the painting.  I got this response "it is PERFECT!!" and I can't ask for more than that!  Hope it finds a perfect spot in your home Tiffany!


  1. Another MasterPiece! You is Creative...You is Fun...You is GOOD!

  2. I can't tell you how much we love the painting. I can tell you that Kerigan laughed harder than I think I've ever heard her laugh when she first saw it (laughing is a good thing). Rembrandt could not have pleased her (or us) more. It is the only family portrait we have of all 4 of us together, and it will probably always be my favorite even when there are more. I think there are about 5 people in my family wanting their own now. You did a great job and it really is perfect.


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