Sunday, August 26, 2012

A tale of tea

The worst thing happened to me last night.
Well, not the worst worst, but the most frivolous of worsts.

I have written repeatedly about my love of an iced beverage.  It may border on obsession, but if I can't care, then no one else should either.  

Zac and I had just gotten back into town from loading up some office furniture.  We ran by the water station to fill up our 5 gallon jug before we headed home.  We don't drink the city water.  Zac's taste buds are too highfalutin for it.  I knew, since we were low on water, that what we just got would take a little while to get cold.  I also knew that we were completely out of tea....and ice.   
A terrible combination had already taken shape here people.  
There would be nary a cool drink in sight.
I couldn't have it. 

So, in my infinite wisdom I stopped by McDonald's on the way home and got myself a large tea. (unsweetened....full strength sweet is only for the most hardcore of tea drinkers)
Zac requested a root beer.  He told me that he was gonna "shake it up real quick to get it really cold and then drink it so fast my eyes water... cause my contacts are dry."  

I like a man with a plan, even if that plan is ridiculous.
I supported his decision.  Carbonate up honey!  Make that nose burn and those eyes cry!

Anyway, we quickly arrived home with this beauty in hand.  
Life was good.  Things were on point for being a great evening....then tragedy struck.

Sweet Tea

As I got out of the car the cup flexed, my lid fell off, and the cup slipped from my hand.
Ohhhh it was awful!  
I can still see my poor fractured Styrofoam cup looking up at me from the concrete as the tea seeped from a giant crack in the bottom.  There would be no coming back from the incident.  
And just as fast as I had all that tea glory, I had nothing.

I looked at Zac, and saw my sadness reflected in his face.  
He just said, "I am really sorry that just can have the rest of my root beer."
(That kind of sympathy is what real love is about.) 

So that's my tale folks.  A tale of beverage lost.  
I am gonna dwell on it a bit more...then probably pick up a replacement tea sometime today.
I mean really,  it was sad and awful...but a girl has to have her priorities in last tea would understand.


  1. Oh no. At first I thought you ere going to tell me how many calories were in the sweet tea. I love it and know I shouldn't drink it.......and it doesn't help that it is only $1. I have had the tops pop off of other drinks and made quite a mess. You sounded like you both were dehydrated. Hope you feel better.

  2. First of all, I am a die hard tea drinker. Fully loaded, but decaffienated. I realize that's an oxymoron, but who could really care.

    Second, when I was 7 years old we drove 3 hours to Charleston, SC in the Summer heat with the windows down to visit a botanical park. It was 307 degrees outside and there were 8 people packed into our car. Nary a drink.

    I had on a yellow sundress.

    When we finally arrived I was put into the petting zoo part with the chickens and goats. My grandma handed me a red paper Coca-Cola cup full of ice and Coca-Cola. I took one sip. a goat came from underneath my arm and took a bit hunking bite out of the bottom of my cup. My Coca-Cola drained into his mouth. I cried the ugly cry. No one bought me another drink.

    Curse that goat.

    1. Curse that goat indeed. I would have cried an ugly cry too. There is little better in this world than an icy cold drink on a hot day. I can nearly taste that coke! I had basically cut it out of my diet until I got pregnant and realized that coke floats might be the most delicious treat i could crave.


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