Monday, August 20, 2012

Flair for writing

Sometimes I should know better than to ask Zac to fulfill tasks that are clearly my domain.  Things like folding blankets and sheets, organizing a closet, or writing cards.  I know I should handle it.  He has proven such things to me.  I have blogged about Zac's card writing skills before here.  

On Sunday, Annie and Maggie threw a joint birthday party for the kiddos.  
Everett was 5 on the 16th, Caroline is 3 today, and Penelope will be 1 on the 23rd. 

Sunday morning Zac and I worked on my office.  I had birthday cards for the kids there that I kept forgetting to bring home.  We were a little late leaving the office, so on the ride to the party I asked Zac to fil out the cards.  He asked me what to write.  I told him.  He wrote and then told me how bad his handwriting it looks like a child's handwriting and that I needed to be the one to write the names on the envelopes.  I laughed at him and told him he needed to fill out the other card too and I would fill out the envelopes.  

This was the lovely message he wrote for me as I dictated to him.  

He promptly picked up the next card and said "Alright, next card.  One year old, what's it gonna say?"

I just looked at him and waited.  I watched as the realization struck....the one year card was clearly for Penelope...and he just wrote her message in the other card.  I think he may have thrown out a curse word or two.  I told him he was not to be trusted and said "looks like the kids won't be getting cards..."  He assured me that this was exactly the reason why he should not be the one filling them out.  

I couldn't let it go that easy.  I told him, "Zac, really?  Clearly the kitty card was for Caroline. (She is obsessed with animals, especially kitties)  She would have loved it.  And obviously the 1 year card was for Peneolpe.  Their birthdays are ruined."  

He told me it was my fault because I told him what to write.  I just laughed at him.  He is ridiculous.  I assured him that he would not in charge of the cards ever again.  Except for cards for me....and I still expect those to be straight from his heart...and I won't even mind if it's written in all capitals, in a card that is completely out of context for the situation.    


  1. Once again his eloquence pays off! At least he didn't sign like Jade did to Annie..Love, Jade Reid ... Still a classic.

    1. You are forgetting my wedding day flower's card that said "Congrats on hooking up with the best! Good luck today. Love Zac Ballard-Fox" because he forgot what he was doing....then tried to fix it with a hyphen.


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