Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It would seem that the end of my pregnancy has been all about finishing up projects.  Namely the office (and in utero fattening up of Clifford.)  The last big thing on the list (aside from future x-ray unit install...sorry family) was completing the floors.  After all the drywalling and painting, they were a mess. 

I decided to do carpet tiles in my adjusting bays so my tables wouldn't slide around and so that it might be a little easier on me than concrete floors.  The rest of the office we were going to repaint with garage floor epoxy.  For both, the floors needed to be super clean.  

On Monday, I knew I had a little time to head to the office.  I knew that that prep work meant a lot of scrubbing floors on my hands and knees.  Unfortunately, as I was heading to my OB appointment that morning I wiped out off of the second step of my porch.....thought I was on the first step.  I landed on all fours and scraped up my knees like a little kid.  Seriously, who skins their knees?
The most ironic part is that I was literally on my way to see my Uncle Doug and borrow a pair of knee pads from him in preparation for the aforementioned Cinderella-style scrubbing.  
It was a bummer.  It is still a bummer.  

Anyway....Zac and I headed to Effingham Thursday to get crackin on the majority of the space.  Jade said he would help with the epoxy, since he had done it before.  That gave us about 8 hours to get all the prep work done.  There was lots...I was overwhelmed.  

First things first, Zac had to finish putting up the rubber trim in the new bays, so all of the carpet tiles would be slightly over the trim instead of some above and some below.  While he did that, I rolled around a mop bucket of hot water and used a scrub sponge to get all of the paint and drywall off of the floors.

After the paint and drywall were up, I mopped the floors.  Then mopped them again, and sometimes a 3rd time with a regular mop.  I basically haven't stopped cleaning those damn floors.  It was an exercise in futility, but ya know....I am anal retentive and couldn't deal with NOT trying...
Anyway, I mopped, then I steam cleaned them.  And then I steamed them again.  
It was the most frustrating process EVER!  
Every pass created a new slightly dusty line after it dried.  
I wanted to bawl.  
I almost did.  

After I finally got the 3 adjusting bays "clean" I marked the center of the bay for Zac and he set to work cutting and laying floor tile.  

I was worried about peel-n-stick tile.  I prayed that it wasn't as super cheap and awful as it could be.  Turns out, that adhesive is no joke.  I was super impressed.  Not bad for a little more than $1/square foot.  

Zac finished my big bay first, and then I cleaned drywall dust off of all of my equipment and slowly started the process of moving everything into the bay so we could do the main space.

(The wall color is much more accurate in this picture...I told ya the walls were not dark as night. )
Anyway, don't you love my blue chairs?  I just happened to get luck in finding them at a thrift store.  
Their arms/legs are close to my 3 waiting room chairs (which are bright green, orange and blue), plus I got them for $4 a piece, so you can't beat that.  

Next he went to work on the little bays. 
Mind you, this ENTIRE time I was still kneepadded up, scrubbing floors.  This picture was about 5 hours into our day.  The process was not fast.  

After Jade got there, he helped Zac move the tables out of the way of the main space.  If you were to come to my office, this is where you would be worked on.  Get excited!

As the boys got started on the epoxy, I had to finish the process of floor prep in the rest of the office.  
They painted, I mopped, steamed, scooted and taped trim.  

Every stinking piece of trim was taped.  

Let me tell ya, this is hard to do with a 39+week belly and a dinged up knee.  

The boys started in the back of the office, and worked their way forward.  Zac trimmed, Jade rolled, then sprinkled the floors.  The floors were looking fab!

As they worked closer to me, we all decided I should take a break and get away from the fumes.  
I ran and got the boys tea from McDonalds.  

As seems to be a running theme for me lately, I promptly let my late pregnancy clumsiness overtake me and I knocked a tea off of the ledge and onto my brand new carpet tiles.  Damn.

The boys continued working hard. 

Jade had the sprinkle technique pretty much nailed.  Sadly, almost immediately after this picture Jade broke his roller frame.  There was no way to get to the other frames.  I had to go to Menards at 8:30.  It was lame.  I waddled as fast as I could.  

The boys finished the rest of the office in all of ten minutes.

Then we closed up shop, and headed off. 

Zac and I were hungry after a forever long day.  We hit up Steak-N-Shake and I felt like there was a distinct possibility that I may fall asleep at the table.
I was exhausted.  I had mega heartburn.  I had Fred Flinstone's feet.  I still had no contractions.  
Darn this hearty body of mine.  

Have no fear ladies.  I know you all worry about me working too hard.  Friday, I took it easy.  I headed to see my chiropractor (a wise decision after the fall) and stopped by for a massage from the therapist I used to work with.  I also made a sweet dinner and watched t.v. with Zac in the evening.  

Mom and I had big plans to do some office shopping the next day.  I am so pumped to do the decorating and arranging of the office you just don't even know!

Stick around, there will be more pictures soon... of the office and this stubborn baby Clifford!


  1. Stop yammering and have that baby. I cannot wait much longer.

  2. I am excited for you just watching all the progress in the office! Great work!

  3. but...I am with your mom on this one! lol

  4. You are exhausting me! It does look great, Abbie!

  5. Girl, you need to take a chill. You scared me at the falling part!! Unfortunately, I totally understand and am totally anal retentive myself...I try to vacuum before I go to work every morning, and make sure everything is cleaned up in my kitchen, etc...cant stand to come home to a house without vacuum lines on the floor. (One morning I spilled a plant that I had just watered on my nearly white carpet...that meant I had to get the carpet cleaner out, which meant I ended up having to call and say I'd had an "emergency" and was going to be late to work!) BUT....Im not 39 weeks pregnant!! Cannot wait to see pictures of that sweet baby, he'll probably come out and be expecting to be put to work... :) Take care of yourself!!

  6. Back to check. (It's the 30th.) Baby yet?


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