Sunday, August 12, 2012

Clifford's Nursery!

I have finally, really, finished Clifford's room.  I am so glad!  The OCD planner in me wanted it done forever ago, but sometimes things just come together in bits and pieces.  Especially when you are buying things as you are able, and refinishing what you have.  In the end, I think it is so adorable.  
So get your cup of coffee ready, sit back, and enjoy the walk (well, slow rotation) through Clifford's nursery.

This is what you see when you enter from the hall.

On the right are the paintings I made for him and a storage ottoman.
I would like one more orange one I think, but haven't brought myself to dig through my storage tubs in the shed to find one yet.  
Sometimes I find desire is trumped by least when it comes to pillows. 

This is obviously his dresser/changing table.  My best friend gave it to me and I used it in my room for about a year but decided it would make an excellent piece for Ford.  Next to it is a little bookshelf that I bought at Third Sunday Market in Bloomington.  (Again, if you haven't gone, GO!  There are so many vendors you are sure to find amazing things and then you will end up with your Dad's barn full of furniture just waiting on you to live somewhere other than a trailer.  Well, maybe not that exactly, but you will find great things.)
The chair was a shower gift from my sneaky Aunt Jackie.  She and mom called from IKEA about it.  We hem-hawed over buying it.   They said they passed.  They lie like rugs. 

To the left from there are his shelves and toys.  
Notice the monster that sits in his chair.  It is from my friend Darby.  She makes handmade goods (including bunnies and elephants and owls that are girlie versions of the monster) that are just perfection.  I mean really, could that monster  BE any more fab.  No.  Check her out online at Underground Vintage to see the whole array of things she creates and prepare to fall in love with stuffed animals...well beyond an appropriate age to do so.

 On his shelves he has a few other books and toys, including the construction pig piggy bank that his Great Grandma Betty got for him.  She put some pennies in already to get him started and so it would make much more interesting sounds when he shakes it.  

He also had to have pictures of his family.  
Can't forget where you come from....otherwise you might not understand why you are a little crazy :)
He got a big picture of the Ballard's and his grandparents and aunties on my side, as well as a picture from the night I told Zac I was pregnant.  As you may remember....he "congratulated" me. 

And, of course, no baby's room is complete without a crib.
(and a lovely wall mounted monitor that photographs oh so well)

Zac's sisters had these awesome letters printed for my shower.  The didn't end up using them so they handed them over.  I knew they would be perfect.  It was just a matter of finding 8 inexpensive frames....thank you Family Dollar!  With a little bit of spray paint, a level, and some patience, I hung his entire name CLIFFORD across the wall, only to discover that the frames, while all the same size, did not have the little hanger hooks mounted in the same spot on the back, so my level nails, made an unlevel name.  Obnoxious.  In the end, his full name looked too long on the short wall anyway.  

So for now, it will say Cliff.
We will see if he gets here and looks more like a Ford. 


There ya have it.  My little man's nursery is fully prepared to be slept in, drooled on, and probably peed all over.  Tomorrow I am 38 weeks along, so it shouldn't be too long now.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Cliff Stu's room.  
I love it.  
I think it's pretty perfect.

Now to find a magazine interested in coming to photograph a nursery inside of a mobile home for it's pages.  
I am thinking Traditional Home will be interested....


  1. Very cute, Abbie! I bet you can't wait to squeeze that little guy out now! haha!-Morgan

  2. Cliffords room is absolutely perfect! I just love everything so bad! Can't wait until he gets here! And thanks for the shout out to Underground Vintage xoxo.

  3. Really, really cute and very original. I love the colors. He will have a lot of fun in that room. He is a lucky little boy to have you two for parents.

    Jenny L. (I keep thinking I have to go in a fix my google account so I don't have to put anonymous and then type my name in, but just haven't done it yet. It doesn't work for some reason. As your mother would say, "I can't care").

  4. you have done an outstanding job!! Looks beautiful!!

  5. I REALLY like the colors you went with....I'm stumped about the mustache on the wall. Did I miss something? Talk to me about the orange paint on the dressing table (if you know)...anything. Brand, sheen (flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, etc), spray or brush, etc. Thanks.


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