Thursday, August 2, 2012

Office Space

As you guys well know at this point, I am planning on opening my own practice.  
Actually, beyond the planning, I am taking the steps to make it happen. 

No one should be surprized really.  I've always been a "get it done" type of person, so it is rare that I change my mind after I am set on an idea.  When I first saw the space that would be my office, I was pumped.  It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  

Now, I'd like to present to you, my future office!

This is the foyer/entry.  The office used to be Kellams' Massage, so they would keep the outer door unlocked and use this space for brochures and that kind of thing after hours.  

Sidenote...everytime I write about the space, or talk about it, I want to say that it used to be a massage parlor.  My pregnant brain just cannot come up with the right phrase.  Trust me, I've been trying to for 9 months.  So...massage parlor it is...or was. 

Thisi s a shot of the other side of the foyer.  As you can see, enter, then turn right.  

This is the space you enter. 

You are in the waiting room.  You can see 4 treatment rooms down the left side of the office and what was their front desk area.  

They had a sink and nice cabinets to suit them, but I'm afraid I'll have to change this stuff around.

Here you can see how big the waiting area is.

And from the end of the hall.  From here, just on your left is the bathroom.  The other door on the left (just past the furnace control) is the Storage room.  

The treatment rooms are exactly what you would expect... little boxes.

With the exception of this one....which is a tropical paradise.

I have BIG plans for the space.  The back 2 treatment rooms will pretty much stay exactly like they are.  
The farthest from the entry will be my x-ray and exam room.
The next will be my office and consultation space. 

You may not have noticed when you were looking, but if you check out the picture of the full space, you will see the wall don't extend all the way to the ceiling.  They are 8 foot walls, in a 9 foot space, which makes them really easy to change. 

The two treatment rooms in the front will have their walls taken down to 5 foot to create semi-private bays.  So, when you walk in, that foyer won't really be there anymore.  On the left side of the entry will be the kids area with little chairs and coloring books and toys.  On the right side will be a long window bench and 3 waiting room chairs.  

The front desk area that is there right now, will be flipped around to form a "L."  The space between the waiting room and the front desk will be space for patient education stuff.  

The "build out" won't take long as the vast majority of things are staying the same.  I told Zac the other night that it would be done before Cliff gets here.  He started with "I don't know if we will be able to...." and I cut him off to remind him that I was not asking, I was telling him again so it would not be a surprise.  "My office will be done, if I have to knock down the walls myself!"  And, for those of you that know me "in real life" you know that I absolutely mean that.  Obviously it is my preference that my dad, husband, and brothers do the build out, but really....I will sawzall that wall in half and think nothing of it.  I am past 36 weeks, so, whatever. (Nice attitude right?...but really...)

It's not that I'm super demanding and I can fully understand why most people would think "why does it have to be done?"  The reason is because until the build out is done, I can't put the office furniture into place, can't have all my equipment delivered, can't install and network my computers, can't install and learn how to use my medical records software, can't hire any staff and teach them how to use our new software.  I need to get the rest of my utilities set up, so I can get to work on making sure I am a part of Blue Cross and Medicare again....need office phone numbers and fax numbers to get that rolling.  Can't have anything faxed, when I have no fax or printer delivered yet.  
So you see my quandry.  Plus I figure this is no shock to the boys.  I've had the space for 2 months.  We all knew this was coming.  
Now it is go time!

Also, guess who has a website coming?  This girl!

and I have my own office email!

Get excited! I am!


  1. That sunset picture is so bad. I will help you get things rolling. amen.

  2. Woohoo! That's awesome, the space look so perfect for what you need. Let me know if I can help in any way. I do agree the sunset picture is awful!

  3. I perceive that you mean business! Best wishes, Abbie. May all your plans succeed :) Wish I lived closer. I could/WOULD help, too.

  4. Don't mess with a pregnant woman on a mission! :-) I have no doubt the men in your life will have it done in no time. What a wonderful space!

  5. With proper planning, this former massage parlour space will transform into a functional workplace. Good luck!

  6. You have a great space. This will definitely turn out well. Remember to use a variety of containers to organize your office supplies and work materials. It would also be prudent to keep a wide range of desktop organizers or trays to organize papers.

    Blake Mitchell


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