Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spray painted

I've been trying my best to get stuff ready for my office.  I've picked up a couple desks and file cabinets and various other things.  I have a grand plan in mind for how I want all my furniture and how I want the storage space organized (which I imagine shocks absolutely no one).

  Part of that plan is making the collection of things that I've begged, borrowed, and bought super cheap look decent together.  When you are as ramy and impatient as me, that means paint in a can is your friend....a breeze is not. 

I spray painted my file cabinets to match yesterday. 
 I was wearing gladiator sandals. 
I think it may be obvious.  

I realized after I stripped down to shower that I also had a faint  black mist farmer's tan and a faint 5 o'clock shadow on the left side of my neck.  Thank goodness for dark denim, black t-shirts, loofahs and sugar scrub or I'd have ruined my clothes and looked like I just crawled out of a mine shaft. 

(And feet are a little swollen, but not bad for being almost 38 weeks.)  

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