Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's happening with Clifford

Or rather...what's not happening.

I had my appointment on Monday. I have said all along that I was due Aug. 26th.  I mentioned, I think, that Zac and I use what's called the Fertility Awareness Method as our method of birth control.  It really is more simple than people think, and when you understand what's going on, you really have a lot of control.  Shocking that I would want that right? Ha!

Anyway, because of my daily charting, I have always said Aug. 26th was the date I was due.  I was thrilled when my 8 week ultrasound said the 30th, and my 12 week ultrasound estimated the 23rd.  Looks like I had my charting figured out :)

So, I say Monday was my 40 week 2 day check up, they say 39w4d, but whatever.  Weeks and days don't change the fact that nothing was happening.  No dilating.  No effacing.  No real contractions, just mild cramps.  
I tried to set up my next appointment for Monday, then realized it was a holiday.  
So now, I go back on Wednesday.  By that point I will be 41w4d or 40w6d for them.  
Either way, I am super pregnant. 
I am pregnant plus.  

I fully expect that if Cliff is not here by that point, I will go back Wednesday evening and they will start the induction process.  I am ok with that.  He will be well cooked at that point.  
I will have waited as long as I am interested in waiting anyway. 

I have had a few more contractions today, but I think that I was dehydrated....nothing consistent.  Nothing worth a second thought really. For sure nothing to make me thing I'm making much progress. 
But this weekend is a full moon.  And I hear that can shake things up a bit.  
We shall see.

Now I just have to wrap my mind around the fact that I really will be a mom quick, fast, and in a hurry. I am on the countdown with Zac.  T minus 6 days, at max, before we have a fat man that requires our full attention and we are no longer a party of 2.
  I feel ready, and completely unprepared at the same time.  
It is quite the dichotomy of hormone-fueled emotion.  
I can only look forward to the melt down I have at the hospital when he gets here.
And the melt down I have at home when I see my post-baby body, post-shower.  
Here's to hoping my mental preparations will make up for the crazy estrogen/progesterone swing :)


  1. I am tired of his procrastination. I am losing sleep. I am ready to get my "waiting room" on.

  2. My son was a week late and I was SOOO DONE. I feel for you.

  3. You're going to be SOOOOOO good at your melt-down. I just know it! And I think it WILL be today (or at least at the show of the "blue moon".


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