Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The big day

I woke up early on Saturday morning knowing that I had a few hours before everything really started to become a blur.  The first order of business was getting myself ready.  (Zac and I decided to do some of our pictures before the ceremony so we would have more time with our family before we needed to leave for the airport.)  I went to town to Maggie’s salon, Hair MD, and we got started.  I wanted my hair down, but we had the hair piece and the sisters insisted I needed my hair on the side.  Mag curled away as I ate a nutritious breakfast of little powdered donuts.  After my hair was up I took off to the chapel to put on my dress and wait for the photographer. 

Zac and I took a few minutes together before the pictures started.  I had a card and a little gift for him (tickets to a Cubs game) and he, of course, didn’t have anything but a hug and a thank you for me, but oh well.  We took a few dozen pictures, then it was time.  Zac, Uncle Steve, Dad and I went to the basement and we waited for our cue. 

I was fretting by this point.  Two of my three best friends were riding together and they hadn’t made it yet.  Dad, being the hard ass that he is,  said "Sis, they knew what time the wedding started, we're not gonna make everyone else waith cause those guys are dumb asses.  They'll get here when they get here, but we aint waitin on them."  I accepted that he was right and shortly thereafter, Ben Folds' song, The Luckiest started to play and dad and I walked up the staircase  and into the chapel.


  1. damn these posts! i'm a hormonal mess! your hair was fab that day, if i wasn't so awesome you would looked like you do everyday...mediocre. haha! just kidding, i love you.

  2. You looked SO pretty and yes, your hair was great!
    that sound like Joel, with the lack of present, haha. love em to death, but thinking of things like that isn't always his thing:O)

  3. oh maggie you hateful thing. at least you spelled mediocre correctly. and thank you elise!

  4. That impressed me too since Mag is a mediocre speller -but a helluva hair stylist!! Love you both!xoxo


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