Monday, January 18, 2010

Someone stole my bread

In the interest of saving money I have committed to eating lunch at the office most days, with the exception of Wednesdays when Zac drives over and we go together to Pana Family Restaurant.  Usually I don't work until 2 on Mondays so lunch is a non-issue.  My bossman is out of town so I was here bright and early after a rather long weeked, which I will blog about later.  Connie left for lunch as usual and I went to hit up a turkey sandwich with miracle whip and a little tub of apple sauce, like I have been doing for the last week and a half, but alas.....the bread is gone.  Exhibit A: an empty spot on top of the CD player, behind the jug we use for watering our plants.

I have no idea where it went.  It is not as if bread can move so I came to the conclusion that someone stole my bread or made 8 sandwiches on Saturday, which is still stealing of my bread.  Dont worry though, I keep backup food on hand for situations just like this.  I brought carrots with me today, and ate like half the bag, then did something bad.  I had a box of popcorn here because a majority of my lunch food I buy at the Dollar General next door and there is not always a ton of variety and because I love popcorn.  This is of course a terrible idea.  First because popcorn is a little more fragrant than a majority of the foods you would like to have in a doctors office, and because I don't seem to know how to keep from eating the entire bag.  So now my belly is full and my office smells like the local Kerasotes.  To who ever stole my bread damn you!  You owe me a bag of popcorn and a Tuesday night aerobics class to burn it off.



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