Friday, January 8, 2010

"Thanks. You got me in trouble."

I got home tonight from Annie's and figured I would check my email before bed.  I saw that I had a message from my friend Jason from chiro school.  The title was "Thank. You got me in trouble."  Now Jason is in his 30's and married to a nice lady named Pam.  He was on of the oldest of our class and looked after us in a very paternal way.  When I asked him if Zac and I could borrow his ridiculously big backpack for backpacking Europe on our honeymoon, he loaned me two.  Apparently I left something behind because this is what his message said.........wait for it..........

You left a black bra in my backpack. I told my wife that she must've left it in there one time when she worked out. She said "no", then we looked at the size. No way it's Pam's. Then I remembered that you borrowed it. She remembers you borrowing the backpack, lucky for me, but she's still suspicious...

Classic!  I'm such a retard (insert clip of Zach G. from the hangover)....thats right Mag, a retard.  I'm shocked.  I wrote a note back apologizing and told him to assure Pam I'm just stupid and not a hussy.  All I need to know now is, is it ridiculous to ask him to mail it to me? 


  1. Oh that's classic! I bet she was dying since they could literally fit two GIANT melons in your bra! I laughed out loud it was too funny!

    oh and please turn off your word verification for comments - i hate it :(

  2. OH mYlanta!!!
    that is sooooo bad!
    funny funny funny.


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