Friday, January 15, 2010

Honesty is a virtue

As per my sisters' requests,  Annie over at The House That Jade Built and Maggie at Glitter, Paper, Scissors  The deal is that I share 10 honest things about myself with you.  Then I get to tag 5 lucky people to do the same!
1.  I hate when my legs touch when I sleep.  Silly right, but I really don't like it.  I have discovered that sleeping in leggings is the deal!  I've tried a little of everything, a pillow or the sheet, long pants.  Sheets and pants get twisted and I always kick the pillow off the bed.  I suggested to Maggie that she try leggings because she also has the same anti-touch affliction that I do, but she insisted that she "does wear leggings (disdain in her voice).  Months later I caught her though, in very attractive black leggings and her bowling for boobs shirt fresh outta bed.  She admitted she loved it.  Leggings are what its about when it comes to sleeping comfortably!

2.  I pick up hitchhikers.  Yep.  I know I know I know, not safe.   Since I moved from Carbondale I've picked up considerably fewer hitchers.  My last two were in the summer.  Two younger guys trying to get across country.  Like I told them, anyone traveling with a guitar is non-threatening.  So I dove them and they were nice, much like every other hitcher I've ever picked up.

3.  I have a problem with food.  I eat too much.  I don't eat until I'm full, I eat until I'm done, even when I'm already full. I'm working on it.  I know its ridiculous but if I don't, I feel wasteful.  Like someone else somewhere would be thrilled to have what I would be throwing in the trash.  I suppose it helps me in other areas...I donate consistently to charity and want to learn to compost and start recycling.  But when it comes to food, I will hang my head in shame and take the last dinner roll.

4.  I worry about my patients like they are my kids.  I frett over them.  Seriously.  I had one patient that didn't immediately get better and I just worried and worrried and worried.  Luckly he came in today and finally is improving (I say finally, this was visit 4 today).  I just want to be the miracle worker that most expect me to be and when I'm not I get disappointed and worry that my patients will leave me.  They don't.  But I worry about them and that scenario still.

5.  I love rings.  I would have a thousand if I could.  I don't care if they are real or fake but I do like them big.  My hubs got lucky with my engagement ring.  I would have taken any ring from him though, so it doesn't really count.  I do really dig the rings I got in my stocking this Christmas.  They are beautiful!  I really need to put pictures of them online so you can see and love them too!

6.  I'm kinda scared of the dark.  Shortly after I moved to St. Louis my roommate left town for the weekend.  Around 3:30 I heard people downstairs talking.  I had my door locked which was good because they walked upstairs, poked around in Erin's room then tried my door.  I was already in ninja mode, plastered to the wall behind the door with my cell in one hand, 911 on the screen waiting to hit send and a bottle in the other.  They went back downstairs and I called my roommate who told me she gave her friend her keys and told her to spend the night if she wanted.  She didn't tell me this might happen.  I was pissed and only moderatly glad I didn't bludgeon Erin's friend.   Now on the nights Zac isn't home, I sleep with a light on in the house.

7.  I love to read and I read really fast.  I am always the first person done with their test.  I fly through books.  My last vacation was 4 days long, I read 3 books.   Two of them were the Twilight series which is lengthy.  I also like to go into autopilot mode and coast through the chapters.  Especially at night, when the words start to blur and you wake up when the book falls on your chest. I like to let the black and white lull me to sleep.

8.  I hate to scrapbook.  I have two huge scrapbooks, one from undergrad and one from grad school.  I have two more to do, one for my honeymoon and one for my wedding and I dread it.  I've been married since June and still, not a page done at all.  I am hoping Maggie will do them for me in exchange for me making Beans food...but I haven't suggested it to her yet, and I've kinda already started making the food, so I lost a lot of my bartering power there.  Anyway, if anybody out there loves to scrapbook and would like to do mine for free, you just let me know.

9.  I always let my gas light come on before I refill my tank.  Zac gets so mad about it.  Almost every time he gets in the car to go somewhere with me we have to stop for gas.  This makes me happy because for some reason, I hate pumping gas.  It just seems to take so long.  When he is with me, it becomes his man duty.  Today is the perfect example.  I am leaving for Carbondale in like 10 minutes.....less than a quarter tank is sitting out in the parking lot waiting for me.

10.  I am weird about certain words.  For example, I think panties is an awful word.  Its just so gay.  Ridiculous aren't I.  Even being a girl, panties is too girly for me.  Its one of my least favorite words of all time, along with moist, eyeball (eye is fine but for some reason when you add ball to the end it weirds me out)  phlegm and mucus both...just terrible and gross.

So that's my 10 random, very honest topics blog.  I tag Elise, Jillian, Cheri, Casey, and Tiffany


  1. oh man, i'm afraid of the dark as well. really truly i am. it feels so silly but sadly true.

  2. i'm also scared of the dark. one time i was in the shower and kylie came in and purposely turned off the light on me. i screamed like a little girl and kept yelling for him to turn it back on. i peered out of the curtain several times after that to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

    and yes, i'll do your scrapbook. get to get the pictures you want and the stuff. kind of organize in order of events and i'll do it in my spare time at work. deal? xoxo

  3. Haha! your number 7 is my number 3 i think! (maggie tagged me too)
    only i can't fall asleep when i read, i have to finish. it's annoying!
    and i have done a total of ***2*** pages in Leland's scrap book. he'll be 3 in march. so you are doing better than me:O)

  4. I pick up hitch hikers too!
    Or at least I did.
    This is probably something that should be laid to rest that I now have my sweet baby boy.

    The last time we picked someone up was over a year ago, it was a young guy and girl that were traveling from California to Massachusetts---and I argued that because they had a dog and a guitar with them that they would be fine to pick up. They were really nice, a little smelly--but really nice!


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