Thursday, January 21, 2010

Up coming

I wrote the story of how I came to be with my husband Zac, but I ended the story there, when really, there is more to tell.  Much like Jillian and then Maggie, my next bunch of blogs will have parts as I write about my small, country wedding and then my large european vacation.  I've been really bad about blogging because my boss is out of town for the week, so I doubled (and working on triple) the number of patients I'm seeing this week.  This leaves me exhausted when I get home, plus I've been adjusting family and friends in the evening and writing patient notes I wasn't able to get to at the office...but tonight is the night because I'm caught up on notes!  After I get home from going to look at a rental trailer to buy, I will be blogging my wedding.  I'm excited! Now all I need is for you to GET EXCITED!


  1. love illinois, love st, louis .. love your blog .. oh .. and love your profile pic ..


  2. I'm excited that you are moving trailers again - tell this story b/c trailer stories are always hilarious :)

  3. why thank you troy! my family always gets to laughing at that particular wedding picture. they say it makes zac look like a giant amish man, which, with the beard he's got, is true!


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