Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow day!

I went to work today...hung out for a few hours, and came home!  I love those kinda days.  I really do.  I shouldn't because I get paid a percentage of services I provide so if I don't work, then I don't make anything, but I was thrilled to come home.  I had all kinds of time to kill.  Maggie colored my hair and waxed my eyebrows.  I will try to take some pics of my new hair color.  It's faboo, but I need some natural light so hopefully its less dreary tomorrow.  I got a library card and borrowed a book of house plans that actually had a few really great houses in it and then made a sweet dinner and watched movies.  Now if I could just find my hubs a good job that would put his butt on the couch with me, then I'd really have it made!


  1. sounds like a great day!
    other than missing your sweetie:O(
    i'll be hoping a praying that he does find something closer, quicker! (quicker?)
    can't wait to see your hair!

  2. that does sound like an amazing day!


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