Sunday, January 31, 2010

London Bridge is falling down

The next morning we woke up a little worse for wear, tired and definately tired looking, but excited. 

We got dressed and hit the streets for a long day of walking and navigating the “tubes.”  We stayed at the Shaftsberry Hotel, conveniently located by Hyde Park.  The park itself was beautiful, but really more famous for being the home of Kensington Palace.

On the way there, we stopped and had to make a few calls

We took a long walk from there and past this amazing monument.

It was enormous.  To give you some perspective, this is me in front of it, camcorder in hand.

From there we walked more, saw the narrowest apartment ever

and ended up at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I saw this dress and got to laughing.  It looked to me like it was made for a Fox girl ass!  It's amazing really.  Can you even imagine living in the time when this was chic?!  I would love it for Halloween. LOVE IT.

After a few hours in a museum which featured everything imaginable (seriously, it had ancient Egyptians ruins, mid-century modern furniture displays, minature Victorian rooms and outfits, wedding outfits of the Royals, everything) we continued on our journey about London and a few tube rides later ended up at the Tower of London.

Totally mideval and amazing.  It cost a lot, so we didn't go in to see the crown jewels, but we did see this gem of a lady.  I love her outfit... the police in London are this cute too!

From there we walked to the Tower Bridge, which is  of course right next to the Tower itself.  We stopped first a little oyster bar.

Zac thought it was delicious, I was not so sure...

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge in the background

Tower Bridge

After this we walked back to the tubes and headed to the London Eye, which is essentially a giant ferris wheel with little observation pods.  On the way we saw Big Ben.   For some reason, I always thought it was red....I know, I'm stupid.

Big Ben is attached to the Houses of Parliment AKA the Palace of Westminster.  It sets behind me as I stand on Westminster Bridge.  It was beautiful, even though the day had turned a bit gloomy and cold.

We continued across the bridge to the London Eye.  This is us in our pod.

And a view from high up

It was an amazing little ride.  After that we walked back across Westminster Bridge, stopping to check our some tourist booths and to meet Princess Diana along the way.

We were very impressed with the arcitecture and you can see why....

This is a shot of the Abbey
After the long day we headed back to our hotel room to warm up and relax.  The best way to do this in London is, of course, a big comfortable bed and a spot of Earl Gray!

The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn to catch a bus to the high speed train to mainland Europe.  We were on our way to Brussels and then to Bruges!


  1. I'm loving all these beautiful pictures!

  2. SO good. that dress is awesome! And you had to have Princess Di with you!


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