Sunday, January 24, 2010

Decisions are the worst! Part 2

We knew the wedding would be in Shelbyville (because we couldn’t afford a destination wedding), but Zac didn't like the church I grew up in, even though it has the most amazing stained glass windows in it.  That narrowed it down for me. I have a huge family.  Between the families we would have 300 people easily.  My dad is one of 7 (don't forget Travis and Troy guys), mom is one of 5.  Zac's dad is one of 6, his mom is one of 3.  I have 32 first cousins, add their spouses and children and we are up to 90, plus aunts and uncles 110.  Zac's family is at least as big, add my 17 nieces and nephews, all of Zac's 5 brothers and sisters, our friends and we were overwhelmed.  We decided to scale back, way back.  Just brothers/sister, parents and grandparents.  Then Zac spent the weekend helping the family and he told me, "I would like to have your Uncle Doug there."  Fine, aunts and uncles too, we jumped back up to around 85 people.    

I, as I mentioned before, am a girl that appreciates simple things.  One of my favorite simple little things was the tiny chapel, set on a country road, with a big bell outside, five minutes from my parents' house.  Mom suggested the chapel and I was immediately in love with the idea.  Once we went inside, it was set in stone.   Not only was it right down the road, it was one room, the pew fabric was red, large windows lined each side, and there was a one-step platform for the preacher.  It was intimate and different and special.  I loved it.  Maybe one of my favorite things about it was that it was surrounded by woods. (and had both a his and a hers outhouse behind it.  Ha! How ridiculous is that.)

Mom and dad are very fair to each of us girls.  They would spend the same amount on each wedding and we could do whatever we wanted.  Annie went big, Mag skipped the reception and got more in cash.  We wanted the cash for our honeymoon, so we decided to do an early wedding, followed by lunch, and I wanted to cook the food.  I just loved the idea of wrapping the potatoes and making the cakes and chopping the salad for my wedding.  Making it really belong to me instead of leaving it in someone else’s hands.  The menu was set, baked potatoes, smoked hog, salad, green beans, dinner rolls (made by mom and grandma),  Lolla’s Texas sheet cake, cookies (made by my cousin Laine) and strawberry pie.  Delicious!

Zac and I kept the invitations simple, just ones you buy and print off at home.  Look at him helping!

We had some greenery left from my sisters’ wedding and I decided not to have bridesmaids (where would they really stand anyway) so the flowers were easy.  We decided to order bulk flower and arrange them ourselves.   Pretty much from their out, mom sorted out the details and we waited for the day to come.


  1. sounds sooooo yummy!
    we did our invites like that too... can't wait to hear the rest!

  2. I love the idea of a small chapel :)
    Our wedding wasn't extravagant, but it was big (as in number of people) if I had to do it over I would've invited fewer people and celebrated longer :)


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