Friday, January 22, 2010


My husband worked at Best Buy the entire time we dated, through our engagement and is still rocking a Geek Squad uni to this day.  He loves it, LOVES it, and I'm trying hard to accept that my very smart, college educated husband works not as an electrical engineer, like he should, but installs other peoples home theater systems.  (He got his degree in Aviation Electronics, and should work for Boeing, but decided he hated planes when he had 1 year left to go.)  Needless to say he liked to shop in house when it came to presents.  He bought me a digital camera for my birthday which I loved.  Then I got a me a wine cooler/fridge, yep, wine cooler. I know there was something else, but I can't remember now.  Anyway, last Christmas came up really quickly, and just as expected, Zac had done no shopping.  He always has to work on Christmas Eve, so I knew he wasn't going anywhere, and judging by the lack of anything with my name on it under the tree, I was getting something electronic.  

My computer had been on the fritz for awhile, so when Zac got in my car carrying a box the size of a laptop I had mixed emotions.  We had too much debt to justify a new computer.  I told him I knew what my present was and that he had to take it back because we couldn't afford it.  He asked me, "how do you know what it is?"  I replied, "well hun, you got it at Best Buy, my computer sucks, and that is the size of a laptop.  Its not exactly a mystery."  He told me I was "ruining Christmas."

We made it up to his parent's house.  They always do Christmas Eve with all the brothers and sisters.  It usually looks like this.  This year Zac and I took up seats behind the sofa in the bay window.  The kids were passing out presents, so I went upstairs to the bathroom.  I was taking my time, I think I was picking at my flaky winter skin to be honest, but lets say I was touching up my make-up.  Zac yelled up the stairs at me, all rude, to "GET DOWN HERE, WE ARE OPENING UP PRESENTS!"  I came back down and my little pile of presents had multiplied.  

I started with the ornament Zac's mom gives us each year.  Mine was a little red shopping bag with a ring and a few other things inside.  I got really confused.  I just looked at it, thought "is that my ring?" and tried to pull the little ring.  It stayed put.  I thought, "well, that's odd" and wrapped it back up.  My next present was from Zac and it was as I expected, my new MacBook.  I was in shock.  It was beautiful.  I'm weird I know.  It was though.  I didn't want it, until I looked at it.  He refused to take it back.  I just hugged him, told him it was too much, that I loved him, and he was the best.  The next present was a big box from his Mom.  His family is really inconsistent about presents.  Some years I get one, some I don't.  I try to do something for the sisters-in-law each year, but anyway....I opened this big box to find inside a metal tin and tissue paper and random canned foods.  I opened the little tin box and inside that were pictures of Zac.  Underneath that was a navy blue ring box.  

I opened up the box and looked at my beautiful ring.  I looked up at Zac, who by this time was the most nervous I've ever seen him, and he asked me with a quivery chin, "will you marry me baby?" I looked back at my ring in complete shock.  I DID NOT see this coming.  Especially since 2 weeks before that I tried to talk to him about getting engaged and he told me that everytime I asked him, I was making it way less "fun" for him.  Needless to say, I said yes.  

I told my best friends that night and waited until the next day to tell my family when I was face to face with them.  Zac was going to ask me on Christmas Day, but got too excited and couldn't wait.  You may have noticed the ring is not all the way down on my finger.  The solitaire belonged to his grandma, and he wasn't sure I would like the setting, so he didn't get it sized.  I didn't like the setting, I loved it.  This is a close up of our rings at our wedding. 

How could I NOT love this ring. ( For those of you who are diamond junkies, it is a 2ct round brilliant cut, VS1 clarity and I color, cut slightly deep, in a unique tapered cathedral setting. )

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