Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decisions are the worst! Part 1

I told my family that we were engaged the minute each of them walked in the door on Christmas.  They were freakin pumped.  Mom, Annie and Maggie each took the ring from me and immediately put it on.
They made me call to find a jeweler that was open the day after Christmas and were thrilled to find that there was one in Fairview Heights, which just happens to also have a David's Bridal.  I was not thrilled about this.  I did not wanna go dress shopping, I wanted to lose 30lbs and feel pretty, then go.  But the family insisted we just go look.

We left bright and early the next morning.  We got to Fairview, dropped off my ring and went to David's Bridal.  I am a simple type girl.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  They didn't have it.  I tried on a bunch of dresses and ended up getting one that fit me perfectly and made my mom cry.  I called my best friend later and told her about the dress.  I really didn't like it.  She and her husband came down the next day.  When I tried it on for them, all her husband said was "wow."  Courtney agreed, it looked great on me.  This, coupled with the fact that dad told me "it looks like that dress was made special just for you sis," should have made me realize that it was a lovely dress.  I never warmed up to it though.  Partly because I really had in my mind what my dress should look like, and the dress I got wasn't it. And partly because you have to stand on those podium things at David's Bridal and they fan out the skirt around you.  My family always takes pictures of each dress because you "never know how they will look photographed." Personally, the odd slightly upward agle, especially of me from behind made me feel increasingly more like Ursula in that scene from Little Mermaid when she whips her giant ass around the cauldron and you can see her back fat folds, you know, right before she squeezes that little creature and uses it as red lipstick.  I don't know any girl that would feel beautiful when all she sees is Ursula back fat folds on the tiny 2" square camera screen.  See below pose...

(I does fit me perfectly and I am irrational)

We bought the dress and a hair piece that was beautiful and sparkly, picked up my newly sized and appraised ring and drove home.  Now it was just a  matter of setting a date and deciding the nitty gritty details.  I was still in school at the time.  I started my last trimester in May and wanted to wait until then, when I had a little more time outside of class.  This gave us from May to August.  We kinda wanted an outside wedding, but didn't want it to be too hot, so there went July and August.  By the time I crossed out days I had to be in clinic there were 3 weekends left; we picked the second, June 6th.  Six months to prep!


  1. You were and are beautiful!! Love you xoxo

  2. that dress fits like glove! beautiful!!

  3. I felt bad going dress shopping with others, because they always thought that a certain dress was "the one" and I never did. haha.
    You look lovely!


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