Monday, June 4, 2012


Zacman says some hilarious things.  Sometimes it is intentional, other times not so much.  Like when he told me I was obsessed with "pronounstication."  Laughed til I cried.  

The other day we were hanging out, and Zac started a discussion about bellybuttons.  

And Innies

belly button (2)

Again, Zac cracked me up.  

 He asked me, in all seriousness, "How is it that the bellybutton is tied that decides if it is an innie or an outtie?"  I think initially I just stared for a second.  Then I laughed.  I told Zac that they clamp the umbilical cord with a little plastic thing that looks like a chip clip.  That bellybuttons are what they are.  Then I had to make sure I was understanding his question.  "Did you think that they actually tied a knot in the cord and depending on what way the knotted it, you got an innie or an outtie bellybutton?"  He just said.."well, I didn't know.  It's just that mine is SUPER deep, so I wondered."  

Oh my....nearly 30 years this man has been alive and bellybuttons were still a mystery.  Thank you husband for still being in the dark about random things.  It makes my life more interesting.      

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