Monday, June 18, 2012

For a future athlete

My friend Jenni asked me, when she suspected that she was pregnant with a boy, if I might do a few paintings for his room.  Of course, I could not deny a baby, so I had no choice but to say yes!
She was considering a sports theme, without going full-on matching design everything.  She found some really cute images online and emailed them over to me, asking if I could pull them off.  

I think they are great and perfect for a manly man's room. 

Here is what I painted for her.  
I did age mine a bit, but not as much as in the originals.  

I just love them.  They look great and Jenni was thrilled.  I think I even got her convinced to do make pendants to hang in the nursery with his name on them....whatever that name will be (which I can't wait to find out).  I look forward to seeing some pictures of them up in his room.  They will be great!

Hope you love them baby Storm!


  1. Well done, Abbie! (Did you get any ideas for Cliff's - or is it Ford's - room?)


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