Wednesday, June 6, 2012

St. Louis, Part 1

Last weekend the family made the short jaunt to St. Louis.  Saturday was a family day for us.  Zacman was working so I headed down with Maggie's family.  Annie's family and Mom + Dad were already in the Lou, doing their thing.  We all met up at City Museum.  It's a blast and a half.....well, except when you are 7 months pregnant and can fit in anything...and the thought of climbing three flights of stairs to do the big slide was the same in my mind as running wind sprints in a sweatsuit for an hour.  Breathless and chubby.  That's my m.o. now and it's pretty awesome. So I mostly sat. And watched.  As the kids slid.  

Look at Aubrie go.  Again, in true Fox style, we go nowhere, NOWHERE, without a beverage.    
And isn't her scowl hilarious!

Kylie and Cline

Maggie and the kids climbing the dreaded stairs....

Comin down

Blurry euphoria

While the kiddos slid, Pa Stuart and Mama Janie held crazy babies and played in their own way.  

It was a really close call...but Mom's crazy eyes half-assed ruined the picture.  
Good photo, blighted again.   

Eventually we found an elevator and made our way to the 3rd floor.  The kids quickly found the train.  
They were pumped.  

Ollie took the solo-time opportunity to show off her flexibility, 

and the incredible, perfect knobby-ness of her tiny chin.

After the train, Everett was off to tame the big cats.  

The girlies decided to craft.  
It takes serious focus. 


From all parties...even at 25....fine motor skill is takes concentration.  
Noticed that tucked bottom lip.  

But a beautiful purple unicorn, thats stands knee-high to the daisies, and lives only inches away from the swirly sun, is totally worth the minutes of silence.  

I did discover in the process that a truly well worn, well loved craft table is inches thick with craft shrapnel....glitters, paint, and the such.  Dually noted.  

Don't worry that the babies were left out.  We found soft blocks.  Pia girl spread her teething germies all over them.

Shortly there after we checked into the hotel.  It was nice.  I liked the sink.

The bed was cute.   

The giant mirror that reflected onto the bed...I found to be oddly slutty.  

But next to that slutty looking glass was a great view of the Arch.  

The family all got together for dinner.  On the way back the sisters and mom insisted on a carriage ride.  

Initially things got crazy when the driverless carriage took off at near breakneck speeds and promptly scared the bejesus out of the less-than-enthused-that-all-his-women-were-on-horseback-in-traffic Stuey and locked up it's wheels in a carriage directly in front of it.  It was terrifying for approximately 7 feet.  It did not, however, stop us from cheerfully going about our way.  

Pia has the best eyebrows! 

Kylie, waving us away from the hotel.  What a handsome European model he is.  

The others headed in for the night.  I had to wait for Zac to get to town so we could go put our peeps on some minivans we've been contemplating for the new addition.  To kill a little time, I took my camera to take super artistic shots of the arch.  Photography is not my forte, but the arch was awfully pretty.

As is the St. Louis skyline.  

Zac showed up shortly thereafter and picked me up curbside.  Our minivan expedition was successful, and we have a couple options for carrying up to 7 people now.  We made it back to the hotel exhausted and promptly hit the sack to get geared up for the walk the following day! Stay tuned :)


  1. We pass the mini-van torch to the next generation. We replaced our mini-van (a total of over 20 years in them) just last year! Jay was very excited to move from the mini-van era!!!

  2. Haha I love your commentary. BTW you have an essay to write, er... edit. PS Pia's eyebrows would go great with my wonky eye!

  3. Fun stuff...except the horse carriage incident. Sheesh!


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