Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why do I do this to myself?

I had sort of been dreading Wednesday.  Why you ask? Because I knew I needed to go get my glucose tolerance test for my OB.  I didn't want to do it in the first place.  I think it is silly.  If there is concern that I have gestational diabetes, why not just put me on the special diet?  Save everyone's time, effort, and insurance I'd likely be eating healthier.  Better yet, assume we all could use more nutritious things for growing babies, and put all pregnant woman on a better diet.  Makes sense to me.  

Anyway, I had mine Wednesday.  I should not have.  But I am stubborn.  And stupid. 

Tuesday night was a miserable night.  My stomach ached all night long.  I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle.  I propped my belly up with a pillow.  I was up a ton.  At about 4:30 I thought I might throw up....then decided it was heart burn and stuck more pillows behind me until it subsided a bit.  When Zac left in the morning I told him I didn't feel good.  So now, why in the world would I go do this test at 9?  Because again, stubborn and stupid.  

I checked my phone when I got out of bed and Mom had texted me to see if I wanted to do a little shopping.  I declined...big test on the horizon.  She said she didn't have Maggie's girls that day because Maggie was throwing up.  You would think I would get a clue.  Instead, I commented that I also didn't feel good.  
A half hour later, I threw up in my sink.  
Gracefully, mind you.  

I  decided to get over it.  I was gonna man up and drink that stupid stuff and be done with the test.  
Maggie told me I shouldn't go.  I told her I was already at the hospital...that she wished she had my "strenght and power."  (Which is maybe more funny when I reflected on the irony)

The ladies at the hospital had me come into the lab.  They chit chatted about how if you throw up, the test is automatically over while I chugged the warm, flat, orange-soda-like dextrose solution.  
I handed back the empty bottle.  Said "oh....I think I might be sick."  And promplty 45 seconds after I finished the stuff, proceeded to throw it right back up on the lab bathroom.  
Not in the bathroom toilet mind you, just on the bathroom in general.  

It's a proud day for me over here.  
Not only was the test a mega fail, but I have to go back Monday to do it again.  
I am just sure the ladies look forward to seeing me.  I'll be ready for the nasty stuff.  
They should be ready with sawdust, paper towels and fading sympathy.    


  1. Oh I hated those tests...heads up though, chugging it only makes it worse...speaking from experience. It was the only time I was sick during my whole pregnancy!! It takes longer to sip, but it sits better in the tummy. :) Loving looking at all of your nursery're doing an amazing job!! Feel Im liking "Ford"...:)

  2. Ugg, that is nasty stuff. Try asking ahead if they have the lemon-lime flavor. It tastes like flat Sprite,ok not really, but it is better than the orange. Also see if they can have it chilled, it stays down so much easier when it's cold.


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