Friday, June 29, 2012

Pa Stuart

   Today is Pa Stuart's 53rd birthday.  I can hardly believe that my parents are workin their way through their 50's but it is the case my friends.  

I tell ya, I have a great dad.  I really do.  

He absolutely adores his grand babies. 

And endures buddy walks with a sprained ankle.  

He loves my mama, and sets the bar high for my husband. 

He knows life is like a box of chocolates.  It's even better when that box of chocolates is giant and there's enough to share with the entire family....not that that was the plan when we gave it to him... :)

He's a man that loves a project. 

( On the agenda for this a shed with a butcher shop inside, build a pond, a lane, and Maggie's house, dig and install the septic system and pour concrete at what will eventually be me and Zac's house, pour concrete for mom's patio and sidewalks and then a thousand other projects that come up on a daily basis. )

He is also very handsome.  

Like postcard, toursim campaign, handsome.  

Case in point. 

Here's to hoping Cliff Stu gets some of his looks from his Pa.  

Happy Birthday Daddio.  You're the best dad I could have ever hoped for.  You make me proud everyday!

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  1. What a nice tribute to yor Daddy. Sounds like a great man!


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