Friday, June 15, 2012

Golf Pro

Zacman has a few loves in life.  Electronics, blu-rays, food, sleeping in, and golf, are high on his list.  Zac has been on a budget for a long time, and I won't lie, it is fairly strict.  He has been talking lately about getting golf clubs.  I told him, he could buy them when he saved the money. 
 He looked at me like I had crushed his dreams.  It was seriously pathetic.  

Luckily, Zac is a man with some talents....and some fairly unused tools.  He sold a couple tools, removed and sold an amplifier and stereo system from his car and before ya know it, he had scraped together the money for some new irons.  He called a few times the day they were supposed to be here.  He was thrilled to get them!  

Look at him grinning in these pictures.

He was seriously pumped!

I did let him charge his golf bag.  He does have a job scheduled that will pay for it and he can be very convincing.  Plus, like he said, it just didn't seem right to get new clubs and have no where to put them. He is spoiled.

As soon as he had them unwrapped, he was out the door....with the water jug.  

Because if he is off work early, he can run errands too.  And, because tea (not made with "awful tap water") probably should've been #1 on the list of things Zac loves.  

Happy golfing Zacman!

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  1. you always make me laugh. Come visit your mother and bring in the clothes pin basket you left on the clothes line. I hate dusty clothes pins...and bad tea :)


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