Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three years

Today, well yesterday by the time this posts, marks 3 married years for me and the Zacman.  
We've had a great journey together.  It started here.  

And soon a year had passed.

Then two.  

Now we are just weeks away from the biggest adventures of our lives.  A baby, and a new business. 

I've been fortunate to watch my husband grow.  To see him putting on his daddy pants.  The first time it really hit me that he was ready for, or at least comfortable with kids, was when we were out to dinner with my sisters and their husbands, with two babies in tow.  I watched him finish his dinner, get up from his seat, walk around the table and take Ollie from Annie so she could finish her meal.   I hadn't even asked him.  It was funny to see.  It made me happy.  

I see it even more regularly now.  It makes a girl's heart swell up a bit when her husband loves on a baby.  Not too long ago I was watching Caroline and Penelope when Zac got home from work.  He put down his things, then laid down on the floor to play with Pia.  He loves that girl.

He did the same with Ollie about a week ago.  Except Ollie is still unsure of him...and she promptly folded herself in half and hid her face in her feet.  It made him laugh out loud.  Me too. 

Now I get to see him prepping for his little man.  Doing things like building the crib and helping me sand dressers.        

Soon folks, like less than 12 weeks soon, Zac will join ranks with the other men in my life as a dad,

to our baby Clifford Stuart.  A baby that has grown so quickly I can hardly believe it.
At 8 weeks...

at 12 weeks...

at 20 weeks.

and now at 28 weeks he is a busy man, who spends his time dancing around and kicking ribs.
Our family is soon to expand.  Our lives will be even more full.  Our hearts will grow 3 sizes.
I love my husband.  He is my big man, my best friend, my baby daddy, and my favorite person in the world.  I couldn't have picked a better man to do all this with.

I am a lucky girl.

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  1. Congratulations! You are indeed blessed, as is your baby boy.


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