Friday, June 8, 2012

St. Louis, Part 2

Sunday in the Lou was the buddy walk, Step up for Down Syndrome.  
We all met at Forest Park.  We had a little time after registration before the walk started.  
Zac and I were a bit late to the party since we decided a diner breakfast was in order.  Zac got some crazy concoction of hash browns with hamburger patties and eggs, covered in chili.  I went with the more traditional pancakes.  There is something odd about pancakes.  Not sure quite what it is in their ingredients that makes them weigh 3 times as much after they make their way to your gullet...but it happens.    

Anyway, the family was all there.  The event was really pretty fantastic if you were a kiddo.  There were bounce houses, craft tents, bubble machines and free Popsicles and drinks.  Basically a thousand ways to make you jacked out of your mind excited!

PiaGirl was pumped.  

So were the other beanzillas.

The kids played until it was time to line up.  Then we all fell into ranks.

This is what Kylie called his "intimidation" face.  We all know a man's toughest look is bunched sleeves.  

Shortly after snapping a few family photos the walk actually started.  It was great to see all the "teams" rally.  Here's my team...with Zac, towering as per the usual. 

With plenty more behind us. 

Have no fear, Cliff participated too.  Look at Maggie eyein' my bump.  She tells me all the time that she can't believe how "out there" he is now.  I tell her that I'm "packing a belly."  Either way, she digs it.  

It was only a mile...but it was exhausting.  

Thank goodness for popsicles, and family weekends.

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