Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rollin with my homies

I have a hot date today people! 
We are talking REAL hot!  (Well, at least on the drive over since Zac's car has no AC and it is nearing 100 degrees around these parts on a regular basis.)  

Why am I driving an AC-less car anywhere you ask?  
Because folks, I've gotta get my trade-in value assessed, and I am pumped about it!  Pretty much immediately after I found out that I was pregnant for sure (not that fake pregnant you find in rumors and television) I knew we had to do something about our vehicles.  Not "maybe" needed to, had to.  This is mostly due to the aforementioned lack of AC...and the un-aforementioned lack of heat in Zac's daily commuter car. 
 Zacman likes to roll with the elements, which is fine, considering he has a company car that's only 6 blocks away, but not so fine when it's his dad-duty to pick up a bean and it's below freezing outside.  That, my friends, is when we need a car with the capability to de-fog a windshield and bring the ambient temperature to over 38 degrees.

I've been asking, nagging, and then cussing, at Zac to help me pick out a vehicle for months.  He, is a car snob.  Shocker right?!  Snobby about movies, electronics, food, tap water, soap, cars...etc.  The man has no filter when it comes to his opinion on quality...or much else, let's be honest (my apologies if he has ever blatantly offended you.  sometimes, i swear, he is oblivious to his rudeness.  i, on the other hand, am very aware of my rudeness and am probably choosing to couple it with tactlessness as well, so suck it...ha!   i crack myself up!). 

 I can't say that I am not appreciative of Zac's experiences, it's just frustrating.  I name a car, it is either ok, or crap.  No in between.  His opinion comes from years, literally, years, of dealing with cars.  He worked part-time as a mechanic and worked full-time for Best Buy doing car audio/video installation all through college and then some.  The man knows his way around the electronics and mechanics of a car.  I gotta give it to him.  He was really good at it too.  Even got his "Master" level certification (think master carpenter...but with cars)...which entitled him to a patch on his shirts that said "Master" which amuses me.  I digress.  After 7 years of workin on cars, Zac is picky.  When I asked what I could look at, my grand list was 

-08 and newer Dodge Grand Caravan or Chrysler Town and Country, no more than 80k miles
-Honda Odyssey with under 100K miles
-Honda Accord, varied years
-Nissan Maxima....which he later said he was not sold on.  

Extensive right?  It took me months to find a vehicle I liked, within our price range, that wasn't stained-up and didn't have a ton of miles, that was in a color I didn't hate (sorry light blue).  I was frustrated....then I found one!  I called yesterday and am going this morning, which is good, cause I'm getting impatient and ramy over here.  

I may be coming home with DUAL POWER SLIDING DOORS!  That cracks me up!  What is with the comic book blam sign on the side about doors.  Like I would see the graphic and be like "well, power doors! How could I not?!  That's a major feature!"  But really, I am excited about the power doors...

It is nice.  It will officially be the nicest and newest car I've ever owned (hopefully).

I think the funniest part of it is that Maggie has a dark grey Dodge Grand Caravan.  Annie has a light grey Town and Country.  I may have a light grey Dodge.  
The children will have no idea where they belong.  This just adds to the compound-like feel you get when you build houses within close proximity to one another.  We like to keep it cozy.  

Anyway, say goodbye to our dear white Grand Prix.  Red Grand Prix will miss you.  (Again, we focused on lack of diversity in our vehicles...whatcha gonna do?)   

Zac is gonna have a hard time figuring out how to recline himself to "ridin dirty" position with a carseat behind him.    

I asked Mom if she would like to go test drive with me.  She promptly said "no."  Aubrie Grace said "I would like to go test drive that van."  Looks like it may be me and a 6 year-old driving a Dodge and a hard bargain today.  

Here's to hoping I come home with functioning AC, stow-and-go, and room for 7!
I hope the world of mini-vanning welcomes me with open "DUAL POWER SLIDING DOORS!"


  1. dual sliding hoity toity little brat.

  2. I always knew you wanted to be just like me!

    1. what can i say? it's the allure of carrying many, many people at once in relative comfort.

  3. You will love the van with a munchkin to haul. Ours was wonderful to get kids in and out and all the paraphanalia that accompanies said munchkin. As far as your husband having no middle ground on certain opinions...I have one of them, too! Happy Father's Day to Zac!


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