Sunday, June 10, 2012

Presents from Dad

Last week Zac came home with a Best Buy bag stuffed full.  This is not an unusual occurrence.  Well, not full bags, but with a Best Buy bag is fairly normal.  

I was expecting another blu-ray that I would lecture him to no avail for buying.  That was not the case.

When I asked what was in the bag, he said he got a present for Cliff.  
When I asked what it was, he told me it was a moose, that turned into a pillow.  

He said he also got him a shark.  

I almost cried.  Cliff's first presents from his Daddy, two stuffed animals for him to love and squeeze and drool on.  Plus, it's really amusing to me that Zac bought him Pillow Pets.  
He said he had never heard of them.  He just like them.  

They already live in Cliffy's room....and make the inevitable day-by-day countdown in my head seem like it's spiraling out of control toward August 30th.  I mean, really, this of all things is what throws me into a near emotional melt down?  Turns out, yes.     

I tell ya, just when I think I know that man like the back of my hand, and think he is predictable, he shows up with a blue plastic bag full of understated love for our baby.  
He melts my slightly cynical heart, and I am shocked by the little changes in the way I love him.  
Maybe it's the hormones.
Hopefully it's the hormones.
I expect that I am slowly making the decent into full-on blubbering mess with the smallest of sentiments from here on out.    
Get the Kleenexes ready, folks.   


  1. Part of it is probably hormones but part of it is just being a mommy. Lordy, those little guys make your heart grow. I am not generally sentimental but yesterday I got teary eyed over teeth, my baby got his first one and my other baby got her first grown-up one. There is no way to explain the strength of the feelings you will have for your son, you just have to wait and see for yourself.

  2. What a good man you have! Love the way he's showing his love to your baby...and also to you. Melt away,,... and for many more years to come. These are the times that help me remember why I fell in love w/my brown-eyed-handsome-man.

  3. I believe Kip comes from a long line of stoically sentimental men. (But don't let them know that we have figured them out!)

    Aunt Jean

  4. So sweet - they even match the quilt you made.

    Jenny L.


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