Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clifford's Dresser Re-do

Cliffy has a pretty darn good dresser, given to him by his already much loved Aunt Courtney.  

She proclaimed, and I agreed, the bookcase next to the dresser is a "cuter" green and the dresser should be painted orange.  
Step one, make that dresser lighter!  
I am ramy people!  If I thought I could've wrangled that thing down the steps by myself, I would've happily tried.  Mom and Dad would have chewed my ass again for moving dressers, but I would've. 

Instead of pushing the whole cabinet down the hall and dragging it off the porch, I took out and de-knobbed all the drawers.  Put your hardware where you won't loose it.  Trust me.
 Loosing 1 knob is a quick way to make yourself frustrated, disappointed, and crabby.  

Since I had the drawers out and outside, I decided to let the paint slinging start.  The sun dried the drawers in about 5 minutes.  The clock-watcher in me was PUMPED about it!

I made Maggie come by over her lunch hour to help me drag the dresser outside.  Then, of course, I couldn't help but fling paint as fast as my little, well, big, arms could brush.
Just look at all that orange glory!

After the paint dried I did what all Fox women will do, I "distressed" the brand new paint right off the edges of that bad boy.  Zac was not so thrilled that he got home earlier and had to help with the sanding and glazing of the cabinet.  He got over it and turns out to be a pretty darn good sander.  

This is the newly orange dresser.  Fab right?  Now I like the curtain better....but I still think I need a grey one there instead.  Oh who knows, I like to be fickle about the whole thing when possible.  Turquoise today, grey tomorrow. 

Now time for a cautionary tale....when heading outside in fits and bursts throughout the day, don't underestimate your extraordinary pale-ness.  Even when your hair is darker than your mama's, you still have the skin tone of a ginger, and 20 min + 20 min + 20 min = Ridiculous sun burn.  

Thank you again pregnancy for making my immune system weak and my poor back and shoulders a future play land for melanoma.  


  1. Dresser= Awesome!
    Sunburn= OUCH!
    I'm a ginger so I totally feel your pain. :o)

  2. You are a ginger idiot. I love the dresser and am happy you didn't drag it by yourself and waited for your ginger sister to help. :)


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