Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet the Min Van

Well folks, we did it.  We bought the minivan, DUAL POWER SLIDING DOORS and all.  It has been mine for all of a week and a half now.  I've officially moved in.  

Honestly, the van is pretty handy.  And it is freaking huge.  
I have stronger opinions about parking now.  
It still doesn't feel like mine really....I keep thinking I need to get it back to Annie or Maggie and pick up my car again, but I imagine after Cliff Stu gets here, it will really feel like mine.  

Now before I go showin off my new ride, I wanna share something random with you.  When I wrapped up the sale of the ol' minivan, the dealership gave me a dozen long stem roses.  Yep.  

These are my flowers.  I still can't decide if it is nice, or odd.  Feels personal.  But maybe not in a "thanks for buyin a van" type way.  More in a "thanks for bein my woman" type way.  

Regardless, I got pink roses....and a grey Dodge outta the deal, so I can't complain. 

The minivan is alread being broken in.  I had boosters for Annie's kiddos and a full-on carseat for Ollie.  Annie and Jade were out of town for 5 days last week....which explains my lack of posts.  I had night shift at their house, like 5pm to 10am, each evening and couldn't seem to get anything done in the days.  This includes laundry at my house, remembering obligations, and banking, just in case you were curious. 

Check out all the storage space.  

I have cubbies everywhere. 

I have 6, yes, 6 cup holders in my center console, plus 1 in each door.  It is AWESOME.  I am so thrilled to have a ridiculous number of beverages within arms reach.  I just can't even tell ya.  It doesn't help me to cut back on bathroom trips, but dammit I am hydrated!

This van is getting it's road time that's for sure.  In the last 2 weeks I've been all over the world.  In the last 7 days I will have been to St. Louis, Bloominton, and Galesburg.  I seriously underestimated my gasoline expenses this month.  But, my trip to Galesburg is for my first baby shower with the Zacman's family.  I am super pumped about how big my van is.  A two door car would suck for loading up baby stuff I do believe.   

Now time for a little tale about my recent travels....

Last Sunday, Maggie and I decided to brave church with 5 kids.  We loaded all of them into my new van and hit the road to make the 9:45 service.  Getting all 5 of them dressed, fed, teeth brushed, with car seats transferred and animals fed all by 9, was a bit of a mess.  Not so surprizingly, I was not my most beautiful when we left the house.  I thought I'd throw on a little make-up on the drive.  This promptly turned into me nailing the ceiling with the wand of my mascara.  

Not to worry...I had a Tide Stick in one of my cubbies.  Maggie was there to save the day.  That is...until she pulled the tube in half and flung Tide Stick solution all over herself and my camera, while missing the ceiling.  We are two peas in a pod.  Two very graceful peas, in two matching Dodge Grand Caravan pods.  Lucky us.  


  1. I could LIVE in that van! I've been wanting - make that "needing" - to downsize. (And I'm big on drinking enough water and cubbies for storage.)

  2. Nice ride! Now you have a mommy-van, you're officially ready for your little guy.
    PS. none of my business, but is Ollie big enough for a forward facing seat, she seems soo tiny.

  3. Oh the luxuery of enough and big enough cup holders!


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