Monday, June 11, 2012


Ya'll know I've been sewing up a storm for baby Ford.  I just can't seem to get enough of my machine lately.  I had finished most of his bedding and wanted to make him a play quilt.  Something big, for him to woller and drool and throw-up on.  Big enough to toss over his carrier, that had a little structure to it so It wouldn't lay right on his face.  I had lots of fabrics for Cliff.  Lots! 

I decided to try something a little different than my usual. I thought I'd throw together a strip quilt instead of squares.  I was going to make it random sizes...but soon realized that was going to be harder and I was too lazy.  I knew my backing fabric was 44 inches, so I figured why not do 11, 4" strips.  Perfect.  

I got to cutting, then piecing.  I, again, realized there had to be a better way than measuring each strip and row repeatedly.  Turns out, it is easier to just make a 44" square on the floor with duct tape.  Boom!  Square quilt :)  

This is the layout.

And from a slightly different angle.  

I did the usual process.  Sew into strips, sew strips together, iron, pin to backing, quilt.  I quilted just on either side of my long seams.
Sheer laziness agin folks, I had no interest in making it complicated.
 I didn't have a store bought binding that I loved, so I made my own out of the really graphic grey pattern in the quilt.  I like pattern on pattern.  It's one of my "things."  I get it from my mama.  
Here you can see the quilting....and a bit of the binding too.   

Here is the playmat.  Which I will from henceforth refer to as Mat.  

And Mat all laid out on the floor.  

That's how ya do it folks.  Make a big ol' Mat for your baby to slime up and love.  It's worth the time and effort, cause it will be darn cute!


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