Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kenly and Rusty

Not too long ago I got an email from a proud mama who was getting ready to move her baby into her "big girl" bed.  She wanted to mark the memorable occassion with something special, like a picture of the big girl and her favorite pup, Rusty.  How could I deny this request?

"FYI - I am completely in love with your paintings and the ones in your last blog were awesome! Kenly is graduating to a big girl bed soon, so we will be redecorating her room. I would love to have a painting of her and our dog rusty."

This is a picture of Kenly.  Doesn't she just look ornery?  I just know she will be an instigator like I used to be....and I like it!  I love her whispy bangs and pig tails.  Not to mention her beautiful eyes!  

This is Rusty (and Eric).  He was the baby before the baby, and a much loved baby at that.  
A handsome dog indeed.  

As I was cruising the pictures of the both of them online, I found a few that show how they love each other.  I love her staring him down.  

And, of course, Kenly showing Rusty just who is boss.  While her expression cracks me up to begin with, I love how Rusty is completely unconcerned.  Apparently Rusty is used to being wollered on, and I like that in a dog.  

This is what I came up with for her big girl room.

I loved her grin in her pictures, so I tried to give her the same wavy smile in her picture.  
I dig the way it turned out.  I got the approval of Kenly's mom too.  I think she said "holy cow I love it!" if I remember right.  I tell ya folks, there is nothing better than a happy customer and a happy little girl!

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