Tuesday, June 5, 2012


As I mentioned, I had been looking for a lovely new dresser to complement my handsome man dresser.  I had the grand plan to move the big dresser in my room into Ford's nursery.  And I did just that.  

This man-dresser moved into the master.  

Now, the big dresser is in the nursery.  Once that happened, I had to move the crib and move the room all around.  The crib is on the small wall, the dresser under the window.  It is cute!  

Cliff's room looked like this...

 and this

Now, it looks like this. 
 I think I am gonna paint the dresser orange, and hang a grey curtain behind it.  I like the bookshelf I bought the color it is.  My best friend came and looked.  She agreed.  She was adamant that the bookshelf was a "cuter" green.  Now it's project time, paint-a-dresser project time. 
If you'd like to do it for me, you are welcome to.  

This is Cliff's crib on the other wall now.  I have to come up with a project for above his crib.  I think maybe a pendant bunting with his name made with left over fabric scraps from his crib and play quilt.
Maybe some paintings on the wall above the ottoman you can barely see in the picture above this.    

Oh who knows...I have a thousand things to do still.  Dresser painting is at the top of the list.  Then client paintings, then Cliff Stu paintings.  With so few hours in the day, what's a girl supposed to do.  
I'll post pictures when I'm done.  Of course.  For now, enjoy your updated view of my nursery :)

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